Episode 5: Kate Higham

Grace chats with Kate Higham, the inaugural Coordinator of the University of British Columbia Climate Hub and a longtime human rights advocate, about the vital connection between human rights and climate change, how corporations might be held legally accountable for harms arising from climate change, and what strategies the Climate Hub has used to build excitement and momentum around climate justice. They talk about the power of youth-led climate movements, and how to find joy in collaborative climate action.

Call to Action

Today’s call to action is to learn about and support youth-led climate initiatives.  Youth across the world are organizing for climate justice in so many different ways, including divestment campaigns, political movements like Sunrise Movement, education initiatives, rallies, and school strikes. They need allies to show up to, support, and amplify their movements. I’ve posted some links to get you started.

Volunteer for Sunrise Movement

Support the Global Youth Climate Strikes

Support the UBC Climate Hub

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