Episode 1: Grace Nosek

Grace Nosek, host of Planet Potluck, shares how an injury drives her climate work, how a hopeful climate talk changed the course of her career, and how she’s found community and joy by leaning into climate activism. Calls to Action Reach out to somebody, right now, don’t wait—a friend who’s already interested in climate change...

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Episode 3: Lindsay Borrows

Grace chats with Lindsay Borrows, lawyer, author, and linguist. Lindsay is a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. Her love for the land, water and story-telling inspire her to explore law as a way to strengthen relationships between humans and non-humans in the spaces we call home. Lindsay talks about her new book,...

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Episode 4: Kelsey Skaggs

Grace chats with Kelsey Skaggs, lawyer and Executive Director of the Climate Defense Project, about suing Harvard for its failure to divest from fossil fuels while still a law student and the growing momentum around the climate necessity defense. They talk about the decades-long campaign by members of the fossil fuel industry and their allies...

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