George Radner

Episode 4: Kelsey Skaggs

Grace chats with Kelsey Skaggs, lawyer and Executive Director of the Climate Defense Project, about suing Harvard for its failure to divest from fossil fuels while still a law student and the growing momentum around the climate necessity defense. They talk about the decades-long campaign by members of the fossil fuel industry and their allies to undermine climate science and disempower the public, and how regular people have found the courage to risk their bodies and their freedom in nonviolent civil disobedience against government and industry policies that worsen the climate crisis.

Call to Action

To understand the shrinking options available for people to have a say in the climate policy debate and why folks might feel compelled to participate in civil disobedience. Look up the climate change counter movement and #Exxonknew to understand how members of the fossil fuel industry and their allies have been undermining climate science for decades. I’ve posted some links to get you started.

What Exxon Knew About Climate Change

The Climate Change Counter Movement

Climate Direct Action

Four Necessity Valve Turners

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